January 30, 2013

Slap Chop Remix Video

Watch as Vince Shlomi from ShamWow fame sells the Slap Chop in this funny late night infomercial rap remix done by Steve Porter. This Slap Chop remix video is an original and if you like it, share the site with others and also download the Slap Chop Remix MP3 here or in the MP3 download link below. Vince Shlomi, or as he is known by his stage name, Vince Offer, has become a rap superstar as he sells the Slap Chop with his rap chop mix, thanks to DJ Steve Porter. Slap your troubles away with Vince selling the Slap Chop in this Slap Chop remix. As Vince says, “watch this, you’re going to love my nuts!” Share this Steve Porter remix video of Vince selling the Slap Chop with your friends!

slap chop remix mp3Download the high quality MP3 of the Slap Chop Remix here. slap chop remix mp3